Collars: Stays, Stiffeners or Sticks

August 31, 2018

This is just a short blog on a nifty little accessory that doesn’t get much airtime as they’re often neglected as today’s popular disposable culture has pushed us further and further away from metal, to plastic.

Collar stiffeners are smooth, strips of metal (usually steel or plastic) rounded towards one end, and softly pointed towards the other. Most people won’t realise that they have a small pocket in the majority of their shirts specifically made for the purpose of collar stiffeners.


A collar stiffener is inserted on the underside of the collar, ensuring that the collar lies flat towards the collar bone and keep the collar looking crisp and stay in the right place. Manufactured in multiple lengths due to different sizes of collars.



Most of the time, plastic collar stays will bend and make the collar look uneven. They get forgotten about in the wash or they’re lost when putting on sweaters etc. and you end up getting to work, nipping to the toilet, and realising you have one collar looking perfect, and the other looking curled and messy.


So why make the move to Steel Collar Stiffeners?

They’re better in just about every way. You have no worry of a bent collar stay as the steel (as long as it’s well made) won’t bend over time and will keep your collar looking perfect for longer.


You won’t loose a metal collar stay, as it’s of more value to you. A nice pair of collar stays on your bedside table, as oppose to a piece of plastic you don’t really care about is the true difference. Think of it like a car, if you managed to save up for a luxury sports car, are you going to throw a McDonalds wrapper on the backseat and hope you remember to pick it up when you get out the car?


Cost effective: Would you prefer to buy a pair of shoes for £200 that will last you 10 years, or a pair of shoes for £50 that you buy every 2 months for 10 years? The truth is, the plastic ones aren’t free to replace. They will cost you bit by bit every month whether it be through bending or loss, or you can splash out on a pair of collar stays that will last.


To Finalise:

We've been working hard to produce a high quality, steel collar stiffener. Where better to start than the Steel City itself, we make all of our collar stiffeners here in Sheffield, England.


Whether you're looking for a gift, or just feel like treating yourself, check out our collar stiffeners in our Online Store

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