Our Interview with Stephen Skeete, Founder of Tress Clothing

July 6, 2018

Another day, another interview! We decided to switch it up a little bit here, as we've neatly placed the suit in our wardrobe, and changed into our casual wear for the weekend. Stephen Skeete, the Founder of Tress Clothing has taken time out of his schedule to share with us a deep insight into Tress Clothing, where it all began, and what to expect from the luxury menswear brand. 


Whether it's watching the World Cup in the comfort of your home, or stopping for a coffee around Mayfair, Stephens got you covered for the weekend! Keep reading for more about Stephen and Tress Clothing!



A little bit about yourself, who are you and what do you do?

Myself, I have a finance background. Having left school with fairly good grades, I took the opportunity of a football scholarship which given the opportunity at 15/16 most boys would leap at but here was where I learnt that my heart wasn’t in it. I followed this up with an accountancy apprenticeship and continued to start my other company, Tress Finance Services. This enables me to contract and provide my services around Kent and London allowing me the flexibility to develop Tress Clothing


So Stephen, what is Tress Clothing?

So, Tress Clothing was founded on 30th January 2017 the day before my daughter Alana was born. Starting with just wanting to make clean, sophisticated, comfortable clothing for men but after delving deeper into the industry and attending a fair few trade shows and events around London, I wanted more.


I wanted to get a true meaning and that’s where the British detailing came into it, while wanting to ensure the daily suit wearing, fashion conscious, weekday male is catered for on the weekend with high quality material. Tress is a brand that I’ve built to be truthful and trustworthy with its customers and never compromising on quality.


Last November I hosted an exhibition at the YKK showroom in Shoreditch where to add I’m the only menswear brand to ever exhibit and with minimal was busy and created great traction! Why YKK? Because they’re the best at what they do. Supply me with bespoke top-quality accessories at a great price and most importantly they understand my vision!



What separates Tress Clothing from the rest?

The difference between Tress and the rest is the detail, and minimal cost-cutting techniques. Quality first, we ensure the best price every single time.

First look on our website and it may not look as amazing but in person and you will not be disappointed! 

With beautiful silhouettes on the latest collection I’ve combined cashmere’s brushed cottons and silks, to give a true feel of luxury throughout. 


What gave you the idea for Tress Clothing?

Tress Clothing has a close meaning to me and my close family in the way the ‘T’ and ‘R’ represent truth and trust and the ‘Ess’ stands for my initials with the logo underneath being the Aquarius sign which is the star sign of two special people in my life. So it’s staying true to the people that matter, and I want each and every customer to feel part of that. 


Where are your products made and why?

My products are made in London. The main reason is that I’m able to pop in whenever, get regular updates, over-see quality control. I feel the inspiration, unique adaptation, and vision understanding in London is very strong so it just makes sense to produce them here.


Does Tress clothing have a slogan/motto it goes by?

Slogan wise it’s simple, ‘the brand to trust!’ Says it all!!


Do you have a favourite item on your website and what makes it so?

Asking if I have a favourite item is similar to asking ‘do I have a favourite child’ even though I do only have 1! I think the fact is, I could have included more items but it’s not practical whittled it down to these 10 as they’re my favourite out of the design and colours for this collection. They really complement each other, they fit together perfectly. 



Who/What inspires you to do what you do?

In terms of inspiration, I’ve always said I love business in general, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t shy away from. In fashion, it has to be Neil Barrett, he has his customers caring about the materials. With designs that are clean and structured with minimal crazy-prints, give the customer the ability to wear it however they desire!


I want to give men and woman alike, clean, comfortable, sophisticated clothing at a great price, forever. 


What item of clothing do you believe every man should own?

Every man needs an overshirt, a pair of jeans and a plain T-shirt. Dress down your suit, and opt for a blazer instead of a jacket, or alternatively a more casual look with trousers and a polo, it’s versatile and the reason I had to make a clean, black denim cotton polo for Tress Clothing’s latest collection. 

If you had a phrase or motto to live by, what would it be?

A phrase I would live by… There are two, firstly, ‘say yes now and think later’ in terms of business! It opens doors and creates opportunities you previously thought weren’t possible. Secondly, ‘more now and less later’ which is exactly how it’s said. It’s true in EVERY way; ‘save more now, less you need to make later’, ‘the more preparation now, less graft later’, ‘the more detailed your design, the less problems later (very true in this case!). It really is one to live by. 


Finally, how can our social media following, follow Tress Clothing?

You can find us at www.tress-clothing.com

Contact for all enquiries and everything tress on ess@tress-clothing.com

Of course, the Instagram: @tressclothing for all imagery and updates.

We’re having a huge promo shoot mid June so a new re-brand on our Instagram is soon to happen!


You’ll also see the video from the exhibition which I titled as ‘Happiness’ as it was so organic. 



We at The House of Bourbon, although you'll find us in our suits throughout the vast majority of our lives, there's always time for more casual clothing, and we can't help but recommend Tress Clothing. It's definitely worth taking a look the next time you're looking to upgrade those jogging bottoms or sweaters for a more luxurious cashmere feel.


Keep checking back on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts for more Interviews, Menswear Tips and Products!




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