Our Interview With Anibal Marin, Auxilry

April 4, 2018

Gents daily we all look for inspiration, whether it be from a family member, a celebrity, a colleague or friend. We acknowledge different approaches to different situations and analyse them before making our own judgement. We thought we'd give credit to those who have inspired us, whether it be to start a new business, open our minds to a new concept, or generally just better ourselves in the ways of being/becoming a Gentleman.


This blog post is all about Auxilry, a company founded in New York by Anibal Marin. He's definitely thought out of the box with his idea for interchangeable shirt buttons, and given a solution to something we have all been through, whether it be damaged shirt buttons, or the odd one falling off leaving us with shirts that end up sitting in our wardrobes, waiting to see the light again. Anibal is looking to make this a thing of the past. Keep reading to really delve into Auxilry, Anibal and some of his personal style tips!


Our Interview with Anibal Marin, Owner of Auxilry:


Who are you and what do you do?

I am the everloving and all allecompassing embracer of garment accessories!! I am founder, inventor, designer, product developer, videographer, website designer and coffee boy (to myself of course) of Auxilry. An innovation and solution based line of accessories for men and women. With over 15 years as a fashion design consultant and product developer, I have morphed into this thing I am today!


What got you into Menswear?

At my core I have always been an artist/designer/ product developer and began designing menswear gradually. Originally I studied Fashion Illustration at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology but immediately got a job in Graphic design and fashion advertising which was a different field. This eclectic experience helped me see different aspects of the fashion industry. Back in the early 2000’s I was one of the few designers who was using computer aided design to develop apparel and I was making a killing. I had always viewed fashion as an extension of self expression, design and artistry and I love to dress. So naturally I felt designing full collections was my next step and dove in head first! I started working as an independent consultant for so many clients and learning so much very quickly. I have greatly valued the experience of working independently because I dealt with so many different sized companies in so many different situations that it really teaches what to do and what not to do.


I absorbed everything, knowing that at some moment I will develop my own venture… and so I did. In 2007, the worst possible time to launch a start-up mens brand, I launched my initial menswear brand growing it from 8 stores to 32 stores over a period of 2 seasons. Unfortunately a year later the 2008 recession was a critical hit to all the small specialty stores I sold to and took me out of commission. At this time I took a step back to analyse, business strategies and to further my knowledge on the financial side of business. As the years passed I developed new solution based ideas I felt more value proposition than just another clothing line. This is how and when I started Auxilry.


What is Auxilry?

Auxilry is innovative accessories line for both men and women focused introducing innovation or solution based features. At the core of the Auxilry are the timeless line interchangeable shirt buttons that allow both men and women the ability to customize their button down shirts with absolutely no sewing required. Auxilry also offers premium collar stays as well as the Invisa-Fit collar extender which helps button down shirt wearers with tight collars. The Invisa-Fit collar extender is soft, stretchy, invisible and allows for the matching of buttons, unlike the unsightly collar extenders currently on the market.


Where did the idea for Auxilry come from?

Auxilry was developed with the creation of the interchangeable shirt buttons. A concept that had come to me both out of need and frustration. The idea actually came to me at multiple moments. The first moment was when I realized I had a bunch of shirts that had at least one loose button that led me not to wear them as much. The second was when I was tired or receiving cracked and damaged buttons from dry cleaning services and the third was when I realized I was attending more events than my outfits could catch up to. I thought, how great would it be, if just by updating my shirt or suit buttons I would be able to make them look different allowing me to wear my favorite garments more than once! So I immediately got to work researching the market and patent filings in order to develop Auxilry.


The name Auxilry is wordplay from the original word Auxiliary, which means providing support, and that is how I view anything we wear, especially accessories. Hence, Auxilry provides support to refining ones outfit and appearance.


What’s your number one style tip?

I am going to be very unbiased here with a general style tip and say… BE YOU!!! Fashion is all so relative to the social moment. Fashion is meant to make your own personal statement. Utilize trends wherever applicable to your style, because without trends, there is no progression. Whether you just want to be like everyone else and just fit in, or set yourself apart! With a more detailed style tip, I would say fit is one of the most critical and basic overlooked style essentials, followed by attention to detail! Because there is nothing more memorable than someone who's added a touch of personality or added detail to their outfit. It says this person took the time to pay attention to themselves and how they are perceived.


A Navy or a Charcoal suit?

In my closet, I would certainly have both. I like to constantly change and even more so - interchange. As I prefer suit separates, I would use a charcoal top, with a navy bottom and beautiful accent accessories, belts, watches, buttons, etc.


What do you do in your free time?

When I am not spending time with my family, working or thinking up new developments, I like to search for things, or indulge in activities that expand my knowledge or inspiration. I tend to listen to 3-4 books a month for knowledge, like to watch movies, documentaries for inspiration, and create moments with friends.


What item of clothing do you believe every man should own?

I do believe a blazer is a killer item to have, is probably my favorite and think it would be great for every man to have one! WHY? Because no matter your style, whether casual, dressy formal, artistic, eclectic - it always elevates your look!


How can our audience follow Auxilry?

Currently Auxilry interchangeable shirt buttons is at the tailend of a successful Kickstarter campaign (Auxilry Kickstarter) that will be followed by an Indiegogo campaign in addition to the www.auxilry.com store. Auxilry followers can connect via social media as well through.

Twitter: @auxilry

Facebook: www.facebook.com/auxilry

Instagram: auxilry

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/auxilryco


How do you keep yourself motivated?

By constantly reminding myself that motivation is emotion, and emotion has to be curbed. I constantly remind myself that those who have made it have been persistent, have become numb and learned how to keep marching forward and through the daily emotions of wanting to quit. I try to stay focused on how far I have gotten, and how there would be a bigger loss at this point than by remaining on the march forward. I also look for strength in how rejection and failure don’t phase me as much anymore. That is how I keep myself motivated.


What does being a ‘Gentleman’ mean to you?

I think being a gentleman is living an honorable life filled with integrity and removed from being self-centered. A word that certainly goes far beyond dressing or smoking a cigar.


What can we expect from Auxilry (over the next year)?

This is quite an exciting year! Auxilry has built a nice community and launched successfully with crowdfunding. Auxilry’s will be opening its online store this summer as well as launch on Amazon. I will also be introducing an affiliate program for fashion stylists and blog sites much like The House Of Bourbon, an opportunity to offer and showcase Auxilry for sale. In addition I am also working on a few licensing deals for variations of Auxilry into new markets, so quite an exciting year indeed!


We can’t wait to see what Anibal a brings us in the coming year, and rest assured, we’ll keep you updated through all of our social media channels! Keep checking back for more inspirational menswear blogs and products as we look for more inspiration in England and across the pond!

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