The Gentleman’s Guide to Cufflinks

March 11, 2018


Throughout the years, Cufflinks have been a part of any gentleman’s outfit. As they shimmer on your wrist, they bring with them both class, sophistication, and style. Whether you’re a ‘first time buyer’ or somewhat of a cufflink veteran, below is our complete guide on cufflinks, the history behind them, the different types available and how to pick the perfect pair!


The History of Cufflinks:


Originating back in the seventeenth century, cufflinks were the primary choice for those looking for a more chic and classy look. Before the industrial revolution led to mass production of most products we wear today, the cufflink was often hand-made by the wearer by attaching a gold button to a small chain through the shirt to keep everything neatly together. As time pressed forward, we began to see small developments in cufflinks, with the likes of the upper class including precious stones, various metals, and even fabrics!


As we began to enter into the industrial revolution, we began to see the trend of chains used to decline, being placed with rods and fasteners for both ease of use, and strength. We now see these daily, whether it be at work (if you work in an office environment) or on our commute back and forth. Everyone requires a pair of cufflinks at some point in their life, whether it’s a more formal meeting, through to the likes of an event such as a wedding. Both men and women have admired the likes of cufflinks in assorted styles, different materials, and different patterns.


As they only seem to grow in popularity throughout the ages, we can’t help but ponder upon what will come next for the nifty creation.


How to Wear a Pair of Cufflinks:


Cufflinks are quite self-explanatory, so long as you have a shirt with holes included for you to slide them in! As long as you have the right shirt (read our other blog on this inc. link) folding the cuff, or doubling-over the cuff to make sure that they form a perfectly straight line at the end of your sleeve. Begin to line up the holes of the cuff together, begin to push the cufflink gently through the hole, ensuring that the more decorative face of the cufflink is facing outwards, away from your body… Although you’re wearing them for their functionality, you can’t help but use them to show a little style and glamour!


The Right Shirt for the Job:


First things first, as stressed throughout our other blog posts, choose a shirt that feels comfortable, and that fits in with your style, but one that includes the ability to include a flashy pair of cufflinks. If you’re off to a friend or relatives wedding, out for an anniversary meal, or have managed to land that critical job interview, we recommend a French-cuff. A timeless style, that goes beautifully with a new, quality set of cufflinks. Just bear in mind that ladies love the ‘James Bond/Mr Grey’ look!


Choosing the Right Cufflinks:


Cufflinks should be chosen on occasion; the formality of your dress code is crucial. We understand that some men will find difficulty pairing a shirt with trousers, let alone accessorising! If you’re in doubt, wandering around the store, 20-30 choices in front of you, desperately trying to decide to avoid the awkward eye-contact of the sales advisor breathing down your neck, go for a simpler style. Accessories don’t need to shout to be noticed.


If your looking for sophistication, why not grab yourself a pair of vintage cufflinks? If you see yourself as a bit of a cufflink connoisseur (which by the end of this blog we’re sure you will be!), vintage cufflinks are a perfect way to show that you have a keen eye for fashion, yet still keeping it classy and authentic.


The Inclusion of Cufflinks:


As you begin to fill the cufflink box on your dressing table, you need to begin to consider different colours of cufflinks and how to pair them with the clothes you own. Which colours work well together, often something difficult for a Gent, yet something that comes somewhat naturally to our girlfriends, sisters, friends and mothers.


Neutral colours, black, grey, white, silver, beige, etc. tend to go with just about anything. When you begin to include a bit more colour on your cufflinks, you need to think that be more about what to match with the pair. Try to match the cufflinks with at least one other element of your outfit, your belt, tie, watch… Even your shoelaces if you’re really desperate. Give them a go, see what comments you receive and use the critique to your advantage tomorrow.





Picture it; You walk into that important interview, face-to-face with a ‘Head of’ or even a director, sat comfortably with their favourite, quality cufflinks on each wrist, an aura of confidence hit’s you as you walk through the door. Before taking a seat, of course, as any gent would, you reach out to shake his hand, confronting your fear of rejection head on. As they look at your hand, he murmurs ‘nice cufflinks’. Suddenly all the worry and fear of being a perfect candidate for the job, evaporates and leaves you as your genuine, confident self, ready to leave your interviewer questioning why they bothered to line up anyone else.


Alright, that example may be slightly exaggerated towards the end there, but the truth is, confidence is a key element of re-assuring yourself in times of struggle, and if something as small as a cufflink can receive a compliment leaving you feeling like you can conquer the world, then why risk it? Try them, what’s the worst that can happen?



Keep checking back for more blog posts, and remember to ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!



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