5 Interesting Facts About Suits

November 16, 2017

Some quick, interesting facts about suits that we believe you should all know! A tailored suit is something, so time-consuming and exquisite, that has many traditional traits that have been added, year on year, to create the modern suit we see today. With some of the traits being so old, some of them, I must admit don’t necessarily make any sense anymore, but it would be wrong to rid the Suiting world of such traditions.



Now we all know that a suit exuberates masculinity and style for any man to look his best, hopefully these 5 things you don’t already know:





Working Cuffs 

Suits have 3 or 4 buttons running along the cuff of the jacket. Originally, these were designed to benefit surgeons. It was a way that a surgeon could roll his cuffs away from his patient during surgery. Why not just take off the jacket? Because a gentleman can never be seen without his suit jacket, and so removing the garment just wasn’t an option.


Super Numbers 

Ok, so you’ve just gone into your local tailors, mesmerised by the different fabrics of the ready to wear selection they have on offer, you begin to inspect the suit a little further. Upon opening the jacket, not only do you see a beautiful silk lining, but you also see a little number sewn onto the pocket, ‘Super 120’. What does this mean!?


So, a Super number is used to denote how fine the fibres that make up the fabric of the suit are. The higher the number, the thinner, silkier, and rarer the fabric is (Note: This usually entails a higher price tag!).

I know what you’re thinking, ‘I’m going straight to my tailor to get a Super 180!’. There are down sides to thinner, more luxurious fabrics… They tend to wear much quicker, so I wouldn’t personally buy one for every day in the office, but definitely for special occasions!


Jacket Buttons

Have a look around the office at your colleagues in suits and you’ll notice that all of them don’t have the bottom button of there jacket fastened. This is something that’s been passed down through the ages, remember: If you have 3 buttons, only fasten 2, and with a 2 button, only fasten 1. I’ll leave it to you to decide what you want to do with a 1 button suit!



This is just a quick one, but unfortunately, I have seen this a few times. Please don’t wear any other colour shoes than black, with a black suit. No shade of brown will compliment your attire and they WILL look out of place. Just don’t do it. 


Melton Mowbray

What on earth has Melton Mowbray got to do with Suits?! This is something a lot of you won’t know. If you have a look underneath the collar of your suit jacket you’ll notice a coarse, dense cloth, this is known as Melton. Not only does it help to maintain the collars shape as time goes by, but it also strengthens the collar, and make it more durable.


So, you really do learn something new everyday, or at least… We hope you did! Keep checking back for more blog posts, and remember to ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!


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