Take Care of Your Suit

May 6, 2017

I think everyone can say at some point in their life, they've been knackered after a long shift at work. Whether it be a case of doing overtime, doing extra, or just simply a hard days work. We all have the days! After the journey home, we get through the door and climb up what seem to be the never-ending stairs to the bedroom. We select out casual wear and can't wait to get changed.


It’s at this moment that a lot of us will let down our guard, we throw the suit on the bed, get changed and it’s time to get some food and relax. It’s exactly at that point that it is crucial to hang your suit as to not damage it, as well as it collecting dust and lint!


Here were going to be taking you through how to take care of your suit properly and trust us, it will last a lot longer!




Ok, so there’s many of us that will dry clean their suits on a weekly basis. I completely understand where they’re coming from. At the end of the day, you want to be showing up to the office looking clean and fresh. The truth is, dry cleaning your suit too often will wear away at natural fibres of the suit and take a lot of time off the suit. If your suit is dirty, obviously take it to the dry cleaners, otherwise, spot clean with a soft towel and warm water, or alternatively use a lint roller. Doing this will not only save your suit, but it will also save you money in the long run. Try to keep it to about once a month!




Hang up your suit. Every time you take off your suit it should be hung up in your wardrobe. This will make sure that your suit will maintain it’s form, I personally use a wooden or plastic hanger with rounded edges for the shoulders to make sure that the inner lining of the shoulders doesn’t get damaged in any way, shape or form. They fill out the shoulder of the suit and assure that it will drape beautifully over your torso, leave it in their for a day or so and the hangar will bring back the natural shape of the suit jacket.




Not many people have a steamer, but I definitely suggest investing in one. NEVER use a dry iron directly onto your suit as it will burn the fibres and make the material appear shiny, again knocking months off at a time to the lifetime of the suit. If your handheld steamer isn’t doing the job then take it to your local cleaners and ask them to press it for you.




This kind of depends what you’re packing your suit into I suppose. If it’s going into a suit bag, it’s going to be folded as the suit bag does, and carried. However, if you’re a fan of the carry on, or don’t have a suit bag, the best option would be to roll it. Don’t do it tight, a loose roll, with the jacket inside out, put the shoulders together and be careful to make sure that the lapel and seams are all aligned.

Photo Credit: SuitSupply




You know that thick, heavy woollen suit that your bought for winter. It’s very nearly time to be tucking it away for the summer, leaving it for the colder months. Before putting your suits away, whether it be in an area of your wardrobe, or neatly in a box, you need to have the suit dry-cleaned before you put them away. Put them in a suit bag to assure dust won’t cover them in the meantime.


Keep your suits clean chaps, make sure you get the most out of your investment with these tips and remember to check us out of Twitter and Facebook!

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