The Collars of a Formal Shirt

May 25, 2017


Formal shirts are an essential item for every gentleman’s wardrobe. If you’re working the 9-5 office shift, then ideally you need to know the different types of collars. Many of us will walk into a shop, and walk straight back out, somewhat distracted by the ‘pretty colours’ with a new shirt in our hand that in all honesty, we didn’t have a proper look at.


Here are some of the different collar styles, remember… It’s all in the detail:


Point Collar

Probably the most common and most popular collar style, the point collar will definitely make an appearance in any men’s clothing store. Originally the point collar was used in the military uniforms of the 20th century. The best thing about the point collar is the fact that it stays neutral, although it’s not going to stand out, it’s going to come across civilised and conservative, ideal for any office environment. For a more refined, yet composed look, wear a point collar with a sophisticated, traditional suit and a small tie knot.



Spread Collar

Ok so the spread collar is a much wider version of the point collar, you may have seen these around but they’re more likely to be on the 6ft shirt wall of your local tailors. The ‘cut-away’ collar is also known as the Windsor collar, a Windsor tie knot being one of the larger knots needs a little bit of extra room to fully show-off your tie-making abilities. You can get a huge variant of spread collar, from the collar being more or less resembling a point collar, through to collars that I’ve seen almost at more of an angle than horizontal! A spread collar is best suited (excuse the pun) to a single colour canvas, and a modern cut suit with a textured tie.


The Button-Down

This is beginning to get pretty casual now as I believe I only know 1 man that wears his button-down collar to work, but hey-ho, each to their own.

A bit of history, the button-down collar was first introduced in 1896 by Brooks Brothers, the simple addition of the 2 buttons on each side of the collar created a more casual look. In all honesty, it can be worn with a tie… but I definitely wouldn’t, it may make an appearance on dress-down Friday at best, but still… without a tie.


If you’re going for the safe option, stick to a Point Collar, slip out those plastic collar stiffeners and switch them for metal to really keep that collar looking sharp.


We’re soon to be stocking some of the highest quality collar stiffeners in the UK, made from Sheffield Steel, where stainless steel was invented/founded.


Check back in soon for our next blog post on shirt materials!

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