Bonjour, French Cuff

July 12, 2017

What are French Cuffs, and where did they come from? A French cuff, a subtle treasure of any shirt. Customisable beyond belief, to add a beautiful finish to a shirt sleeve and final touch to your ensemble. A standard button cuff is probably more common in the modern era, but the French cuff is and always will be, the original gangster.


Here i’ll be teaching you exactly what a French cuff is, when to wear them and where it originated (sort of)...



So what is the French Cuff?


A French cuff is a cuff with a double fold (also known as the double cuff), extending by twice in length of the cuff, folded upon itself, with 4 holes on each sleeve for a pair of cufflinks to sit. Perfect for a formal black tie event or when you’re off to the races, and even worn more casually nowadays without a tie or suit jacket. Rather than folding, one over the other like the button cuff, the Frenchies are fastened parallel to each other.


The double cuffs were traditionally stitched with 6 buttonholes, another pair added to the folded cuff. Back in ‘the olden days’ the cuff would be rolled under when/if they ever got dirty or worn, and still be fit for a more formal occasion.


Where did the French cuff originate?


Ok so this part get’s a little confusing, in all honesty you probably have as much idea as to where the French cuff originated as I do. Many believe that the cuff was invented in none other, than England! It’s believed that the Americans actually coined the phrase ‘French cuff’ towards the end of the 17th Century.



I guess we can understand why the American’s named it the French cuff, the French have some pretty fancy items under their belt! The French cuff is one of the most traditional and most formal cuffs. Many of the more conservative gentlemen will see a French cuff reserved for a tuxedo, or as you’re sipping on your scotch across the ballroom. Although they’re becoming more and more popular in a business environment.


Wherever you wear them, at least you know a little bit more about them as you’re tucking your favourite cufflinks in them to rest.

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