What makes my suit Super?

June 29, 2017

You’ve just got home after investing in a suit, you lay it down on the bed, unzip the suit-bag and begin to inspect your purchase, making sure there’s no defects before your big interview/meeting tomorrow. Opening up the suit, you notice a label on the inside of your jacket, stitched to the pocket. What the hell is a ‘Super 100’?



So what is a Super number?

A Super number on a suit refers to the count, or fineness of the yarn used in the cloth. The finer the count (the higher the number), the more wool is used per square inch of the cloth. This equates to a finer and softer cloth.

When that salesmen in the suit shop was talking to you, he should’ve been asking about what you want to use the suit for, as the finer the cloth, the more sensitive the suit is to wear and tear.


Super 100-120’s

Perfect for everyday use if you’re planning on using your suit on a day-to-day basis, to and from working in the office. These suits will be able to handle most that you throw at them, from knocks and scrapes, to moving your desk to the other side of the office. With the yarn being ‘thicker’ these suits are much more durable, but they do tend to be much heavier than the higher Supers, and warmer throughout the colder months.


Super 130’s-140’s

Ideal if you’re wanting to splash out on your office-wear following that recent promotion. A Super 130-140 is much finer than the more durable 100-120’s. They have a certain elegance to the feel of the suit as you rest it gently on your body, lightweight and more breathable through the warmer months makes them a brilliant all-rounder. You may not want to be wearing this suit too regularly as like I say, it’s less durable, you don’t want to be kneeling down to fix that faulty wire in the back of your computer in this suit, as it will begin to scuff on the knees. This is a suit that needs to be taken care of, it’s to some extent a luxury saloon car that you take out of the garage for important meetings, not for running about town.


Super 150+

The sports car, you’ve bought it, it sits in your garage, and you take it out for special occasions. Super 150’s+ are the kind of suit you might buy for a wedding, or as a tuxedo that you may only wear a couple of times a year for a significant event. These are incredibly light suits, like a feather resting on your shoulders, fantastic for ‘breathability’. You’re barely going to be able to feel this suit against your skin, but when you do, you’ll be feeling the softest, highest quality cloth a man can buy.


Whether you're on your way to Savile row, or off to your local tailor, be sure that the chap who’s got to hit his weekly sales targets, knows anything and everything about the suit, and exactly what you’re buying it for, as at the end of the day… You're buying the suit.


Keep checking back for more blog’s on Men’s suiting and remember to check us out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!



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