Dressing for an Interview

April 7, 2017

So you’ve left university, or you’re just fancying a change. You’ve spent way too long, lingering in front of your computer screen, desperately trying to list your best attributes in your CV, and you’ve managed to blag yourself an interview. The next step… What to wear when facing your possible future manager?


You need to remain professional in appearance, and show that you’re serious about the position you’re applying for, as oppose to trying to flaunt your sartorial eccentricities. Here, we go through the basics.


Opt for a full suit


Whether you’ve opted for the 2 or 3 piece suit, you’re about to enter the corporate world, and for that you need to be looking professional, and competent. As well as the confidence boost that wearing a suit brings, turning up to an interview looking fresh is good business etiquette, and will definitely score you some instant brownie points. Going back to our last blog, ensure that the suit fits beautifully, whether that be investing in a new suit, or getting one altered, the investment will be returned in the long run.


The Shirt


You're looking through your wardrobe, sifting through the “salmon” coloured shirts, and see a glimmer of white… Pick it up, and put it on. You want to avoid bright colours, go for a simple white, or light blue shirt. The trusty white poplin is acceptable in any workplace, and is definitely your safest option, A bold, cheque, or patterned shirt may come across again as the aforementioned ‘youthful arrogance’ and possibly even quite confronting.  Make sure it’s ironed properly and it’s one step further in the door.


Leave the outlandish accessories at home


While accessorising can be perfect add-ons at a dinner parties, theres a high chance, that may hinder your chances at a conservative job interview. Leave the colourful pocket square at home, I understand that it may create a form of individuality to your outfit, and may give them something to remember, but that’s not what you’re there for, and that’s not what your employer will be looking for. The instant impression of a flashy appearance is what I would call ‘youthful arrogance’. Add something simple to your outfit, like a watch to add personality distinctly.


Traditional Ties


By traditional, I don’t mean going for the 1970’s tie, I just mean steering clear of the skinny tie, bought from a high street chain. When applying for a job at a business that has been established for some time, they will have naturally grown there attitudes to work attire that have been developed through years of forging the 5th floor meeting room, you’re currently sat in. Skinny ties, are still yet to become an acceptable and established despite there worldwide popularity.


Shine your shoes Guv’nor!


Time to get out the polish and make sure you can see yourself in those shoes. My father always taught me that ‘you can always judge a man by his shoes’, an old saying that has strong truth and traditional values. Going for skilfully polished, and avoiding cheap looking, tattered or scuffed shoes will consequently help you during the interview. A man that polishes his shoes, shows a man that has care for quality, time management, and high attention to detail.




Remember to Spray


There is nothing worse, than going to an interview whilst letting off an eye-watering odour. You’re at a job interview, in some respects, you’re supposed to be nervous, and with that comes the unfortunate circumstance of sweating profusely. Make sure you apply plenty of deodorant, and top it off with subtle smelling cologne.



It’s a scary world out there, whether you’re a professional interviewee, or a recently graduated student. Just make sure you’re wearing you’re suit of armour, and everything will go to plan!


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