Understanding Colours Pt. 2; The Fine Detailing

March 22, 2017

At the end of the day, you’ve chosen your suit, whether it be a neutral, youthful, or adventurous canvas, the final outcome of the ensemble will be judged on the details, the pocket square, the tie, the shoes, and the jewellery. Here I’m going to guide you through the colours of these, and how they should be worn.


The Pocket Square;


Pocket squares, often mistaken by many as a handkerchief, the obvious difference being the hand-rolled edge. Beginning in the 1920’s there are many ways to fold a pocket square that I will definitely cover in a later article, however now isn’t the time for that! Regularly used to create a more flashy look, and often used by many at more formal occasions such as weddings, must be matched sophisticatedly with the suit jacket. By matching them similarly or going for a more contrasting theme, in a complimentary fashion.


The Tie;


Yes, the good old necktie, and exactly where we got our name from. First believed to be worn in the 17th century by King Louis XIII, who lived in The House of Bourbon. The best way to match the tie to your style is to harmonise it with your shirt, for example a light blue shirt, with a dark blue, or blue-green tie.


The Shoes;


You’ve been to your local cobbler and decided to splash out on a new pair of A-range shoes, whether they be John Lobbs, Crockett and Jones, Barkers, or any other similar brand, there is definitely a way to wear them that it appears very few people know of. You’ve finished off polishing your black shoes, whatever suit your wearing, just remember to match the belt, it gives off a clean, crisp look that you can easily spoil by miss-matching them.


The Jewellery;


Let’s face it, whatever your piece is, we all have that one piece of jewellery that we really don’t mind splashing out on. Whether it’s watches, cufflinks, rings, or even earrings and bracelets in this day and age, they should be understated, and keep all the metals matching. If you’re going for silver, go for silver, if you’re going for gold, go for gold. Again, don’t mix and match. I suppose the unlikely chance that you may decide to go for a solid colour, make them compliment the suit that you’re wearing.



Putting It All Together


So you’ve got the suits, you’ve got the ‘extras’ (e.g. Ties, Pocket squares, belts, etc), and now you’re wondering where to start! It’s simple, all you need to do is combine the more prominent colours of your suit, with the fine details of the ‘extras’. Your suit and shirt, giving you the canvas upon which you will finalise your artwork. Your accessories, truly defining the colour scheme.


The extra details, close in colour to your suit, give you a very matched, single colour style. Extras that contrast whilst still complimenting the chosen colours, gives you a more outlandish look, and focus the attention of the audience on the finer details. The main thing to remember is to ensure that all your accessories are relatively similar in colour. If you go against that one simple rule, the whole outfit can seem somewhat confusing, and give off the feel that you just sort of, threw it all together whilst in a rush for work!


Choose wisely, whether you decide to go for the matched approach, or the more outlandish look, keep to the colours you’ve chosen, and repeat throughout.



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