Understanding Colours

March 8, 2017


Our first impression of someone’s outfit, is the colours that they’re wearing and so to truly understand the very basics of style, they must first gain and develop their understanding of what colours go, and what colours really don’t.  


Although at a first glance, this may seem like an incredibly easy thing to grasp, I suppose knowing that red and green are complimentary and that they go well together, dependant on the combination that you choose, you could easily end up looking somewhat like a Christmas Tree.


To understand colour, you must find a good balance between the dominant colours of the suit and shirt, to the finer details; ties, pocket squares, watches, and a whole other kettle of fish… The shoes. If you can tick colour co-ordinating off your list, you’re a leap forward in the way of becoming a truly well-dressed man.


The Basics:


Everything that you place on your body has it’s own significant colour, whether it’s your suit, or your shoelaces. I suppose if you look at it like a canvas, and think of your suit and shirt as your base colours, before adding other pieces of clothing as detail to define the outfit.



If you get out of bed in the morning and head for the dark grey, or charcoal suit, with a white shirt, the audience’ attention will be diverted towards other details. If you want a particular item of clothing to stand out, this is the ideal way to get someone’s attention focussed on it, for example a new pair of glasses, you can easily grab their eye by leaving the canvas, muted.


Youthful Blues

On another note, as a more youthful option, you decide to go for the blue/navy suit. With the slightest hint of blue, unquestionably, your suit will create more attention. However, the only issue we seem to have with a blue suit is the fact that there is only a limited amount of colours that will be seen as complimentary.


The Adventurous

Looking at the other end of the spectrum, the more adventurous of us, or possibly more casual, may prefer to look down the route of a coloured canvas, whether it’s the new brightly coloured sports jacket, or the green shirt your not sure what to wear with. In all honesty, the best thing I can recommend is to revert back to a colour wheel (as pictured below).



Wear colours similar to the colour you’ve chosen to make a colourful base work without clashing too much.


If you’re still unsure of how to match your clothing perfectly, we will soon be releasing a post on ‘Understanding Colours Pt. 2;The Fine Detailing’!



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