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Determined to educate the everyday Gentlemen in everything menswear, style and sophistication. We strive to provide the best advice possible through our regular blog posts, to help everyone become a suit connoisseur.

About Us

We're on a mission, to not only provide exquisite and bespoke information to help everyone become a better Gentleman, but to give an insight into high-quality menswear, from the cuffs on your shirt, to the laces on your shoes.

Why We're Unique


At The House of Bourbon, we have one aim. To educate the members of the public on all things suiting through regular blog posts, interviews and much more. Check out our blog page, The Man-Ual for extensive menswear tips and suiting guidance, tailored to every man.

What separates us from the rest?


Loyalty is our key; we are loyal to our readers, providing honest reviews and tips on a range of different menswear products and services, on a regular basis, whether you're facing your first interview after leaving education, or have been a Gent for a number of years, and  just looking for a bit of  fine-tuning.


Our Commitment

We seek to engage with our readers, our followers, and commit to giving free, professional advice based on our personal experiences, and the experiences of some of the finest of connoisseurs in the trade. 
The Man-Ual
Learn everything you'll ever need to know through our blog, The Man-ual.
Check out our Glossary for clarification on any jargon you may have heard in your local tailors, or in any of our blog posts.
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